Speaking Services

Throughout my professional career I’ve spoken before a variety of audiences on topics that were infused with leadership, strategic thinking, making difficult decisions, communicating holistically, leading from the heart, and the many faces of success.


I’ve cut my speaking and teaching teeth with keynote speeches, talks and lunch&learns, academic lectures, and hands-on classes. I've spoken before entrepreneurs, local businesses, civic groups, and non-profit organizations, as well as vocational schools nationwide about accreditation and education standards.

Truth be told, speaking and teaching were the two primary reasons I opened my own coaching and consulting business.  I have a strong passion for teaching experiential processes that open minds to possibilities for their life or business.  I love to speak before groups to help them rekindle their passion or to simply be better communicators at the office and in their lives. Coaching and consulting has been a natural avenue for my passion.  And, I wanted to create my a business that would propel my own personal growth.  It's our nature to grow and become more and more of who we're meant to be.  I help people do that.


If you’re looking to grow your organization or energize your team, I’d love to be the one to help you do just that.


Let’s set up a time to talk in person or by phone about how I can help you go from where your business or group is right now to where you’d like it to be.  Email me or call me at 703-855-3211.

What are the options?


Typically, a talk, keynote, lunch-and-learn, or training runs anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours. These can be tailored to your group’s needs or you can take a look at some of the topics I have listed below.


I have also presented for a full day as well as at weekend or week-long corporate and group retreats. The time commitment and topics will depend on the focus and outcomes you require.


Let's start by scheduling a time to talk about your group's specific needs.  We can talk in person or by phone or Zoom.  Email me or call me at 703-855-3211 to explore options.

Examples of Speaking Topics

These are the types of topics in my wheelhouse. When I contract with your organization or group, I do extensive research in advance on your organization's mission, vision and initiatives.  From there, I work closely with you or your staff representative to personalize your experience and ensure the outcomes are are exactly what you're looking for.


  • Strategic Visioning - Defining and Building the Dream

  • Employee Retention – A Holistic Perspective

  • Communication from the Heart

  • Leadership from the Perspective of the Indigenous Archetypes

  • The Power of Decision-Making

  • Who Impacts Your Student or Membership Outcomes?

  • Accreditation and Compliance – In Your Best Interest

  • Customer Service – It’s All About the Vision


I’d be happy to discuss ideas and needs for your next event. Let’s set up a time to talk by phone/Skype/zoom. Feel free to Email me or call me at 703-855-3211 to explore options.

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