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Pink, peach, blue watercolor blobs and silver spiral triangle, logo of Awakened Dreams Coaching & Consulting with Demara Stamler of Burke, VA
Some dreams wait patiently to be discovered
Some dreams tap you on the shoulder a time or two
Some dreams are so insistent they feel like a 2X4
And, some dreams are never given life

…your dream is calling you – can you hear it?

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That seed of a dream patiently and quietly grew for several years.  Until the dream ran out of patience for me to notice it and became so insistent, I had to plant it. 


I began to notice that the soil I planted it in (my thinking) was full of weeds and toxins (old limiting negative beliefs) so I began weeding the garden of my thinking (uncovering and pulling those negative thoughts and beliefs) and nurturing that dream with water and sunlight (new beliefs and higher thinking)


As I began to think more empowered thoughts and beliefs, my dream grew like bamboo. 

Did I do it alone? 


I did for a bit.  I didn't get very far.  Now, I wouldn't dream of walking this journey alone.

Awakened Dreams
Coaching and Consulting

began as a seed of a dream for me. 

I’m Demara Stamler.

Triple triangle frame surrounding image of life & business coach Demara Stamler of Awakened Dreams Coaching & Consulting

I'm passed the age when most people retire.  I have no interest in retiring.  Instead I choose to teach and coach people just like you to:

  • Discover who you truly are

  • Realize you have a divine purpose

  • Design the dream of the next version of what that purpose looks like

  • Build that Vision

  • Recognize what's showing up that gets in the way

  • Reframe those limiting beliefs 

All using principles and ideas that have been studied and proven to be highly effective in achieving the results you have designed.

Enough about me...this is about you.  It’s about you and your dream.  Your next chapter.

Here’s where you and I converge.  My calling is to work with people like you.  People who want to design and build a business that changes people's lives and fulfills our passion and purpose.  I'm certain you're already doing that in ways you can see just yet. 


You fell in love with the belief you could make difference in people's lives.  Whether that takes the shape of massage therapy, acupuncture, coaching, or the like, you know you're here to empower others as you continue to grow and become the next version of yourself.


And, just like me, you have lived life, experienced things, maybe raised a family, built a career, cared for people either at home or at work.  And, more often than not, you left our own personal longings on the sidelines.

But not now.  Not today.  Starting today you can make a decision to follow the life and purpose that's calling you and build something that prospers you as you help others prosper.

Are you ready?  There truly is no time like the present.

blue watercolor background representing hope and reassurance that dreams can be achieved.
I know you.  I’ve been you.  I see you.  I get you. 



You have so much life yet to live... 

Art to create. 

Songs to write. 

Heart-centered businesses to build. 

Differences to make. 

Wisdom to share.  

People to help.

A world to change. 

Breathes to take. 

Beauty to see. 

So much life yet to live.

Are you're waiting for the right time

...a sign that now's the time?

Pink spiral triangle emerging as a sign that you're ready to start building your healing arts business or dreaming up your life beyond 60 with coach Demara Stamler.

Come explore what’s waiting for you in your next chapter

Triple silver triangle frame highlighting testimonial for life & business coach Demara Stamler of Awakened Dreams Coaching & Consulting.
"Working with Demara has not only helped me build a new career, she helped me become more of myself, the open-hearted me."

~ S.J.

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