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Awakened Dreams Coaching and Consulting began as an unlikely dream...

As with so many intentions, dreams and visions, they're born out of some deep longing or an unrelenting discontent.

That was true for me not so very long ago...

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I was at a point in my life that from the outside looking in I had a great job that came with a great boss, wonderful staff supporting me, Cadillac benefits, and a great 403b.

I loved that job - until I didn't.

The deep longing for me was to get back to working with people one-on-one and in smaller groups. Doing work that was truly about helping people.

The discontent was in the long hours and in not feeling like I was making the kind of difference I really wanted.

Unfortunately, I didn't pay attention to the signals coming my way. 


I stayed another 2 years.

Have you ever stayed with something way longer than you should have?

At one point in a Director's meeting the boss tells each of us that the Board is making changes that will be really good for the company.  When he got to me, the changes he told me about sounded great for the company but I could feel in my gut this change was not mine to do.

I knew in that instant that now really was the time to make a change in my career.

What I also knew in that instance was the fear rushing through my body! 


Fear thoughts of "Are you crazy, this is a job others would jump on" .


Thoughts of "What are you doing? If you just hang on for another 10-15 years you can retire in great shape".

Logical?  Yes.  But, I couldn't shake the feeling that now was the time. Certainly not in 10-15 years!

When I got home that evening I remember vividly sitting on my bed swiping through Facebook asking myself, what am I going to do now?


I happened to come across a video of someone who looked familiar but I couldn't place who she was.  I watched the video. It was about becoming a Transformation Coach and Consultant. 

Right away, I knew this was for me.


I had no idea why it was calling to me or how it was going to happen, I just knew it was right!

Have you ever felt that strong pull in some area of your life? A pull to something different?

So, I took a leap of faith and signed up.

I had no idea how I'd pay for it, but I did it anyway.

I went through an intense and rigorous training program.

I fell in love with the principles and tools and faculty.

And, found the best mentor anyone could ask for in Mary Morrissey.

I have never looked back.

One huge benefit I didn't anticipate until well into the certification training...I'd have to live the principles in order to truly help others.

The idea of that was daunting and yet felt so good!

Perhaps you're in that situation right now.

I've walked this path, I live the principles, and I now I can help you walk it, too.

Triple triangle frame surrounding image of life & business coach Demara Stamler of Awakened Dreams Coaching & Consulting

Change is never comfortable or convenient

Triple triangle frame surrounding image of life & business coach Demara Stamler of Awakened Dreams Coaching & Consulting
blue watercolor background representing hope and reassurance that dreams can be achieved.
I know you.  I’ve been you.  I see you.  I get you. 



You have so much life yet to live... 

Art to create... 

Songs to write... 

Heart-centered businesses to build... 

Differences to make... 

Wisdom to share... 

People to help...

A world to change... 

Breaths to take... 

Beauty to see... 

So much life yet to live.

Are you're waiting for

the right time?

Are you waiting for

a sign that now's the time?

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"Working with Demara has not only helped me build a new career, she helped me become more of myself, the open-hearted me."

~ S.J.

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