About Awakened Dreams


Awakened Dreams Coaching and Consulting was born from a Vision…a Dream.  A dream to help people just like you become your own vision-warrior, advocate, idea-miner, dream-believer, and tush-pusher. 

I’m Demara Stamler and not so very long ago, Awakened Dreams was my dream.  In 2016, that dream came to life.  As a woman who has spent over 30 years of my life coaching, teaching and helping people in a variety of fields, I dreamed of bringing all of my experience and my training as a coach and mentor together to help women with a special calling – the healers...the change-makers...the helping professionals.

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So often those of us who answer the call to serve others end up doing that amazing work to the exclusion of our own success, self-care, and prosperity.   What I know from experience is - you can serve others and be prosperous, successful, and in balance.  You don't have to choose between them.  When we do the work that feeds our spirit and changes other people's lives we can also, simultaneously, have health and prosperity in all areas of our life - a healthy body/mind/spirit, loving relationships, soul-fulfilling work, time freedom, and financial abundance.

It's Awakened Dreams' mission and vision to help you discover and live into your full potential


The first step to take is to realize you can't do this alone.  You need help, support, ideas, and perspective from someone outside your circle and unattached to your history.  Someone who sees your unlimited potential.  Someone who can see beyond the symptoms, the circumstances and the conditions you're currently experiencing and help you create the next version of your life, your business.  Someone who's been down a similar road and learned the best route. 


I may just be the person you're looking for.  


  • Are you in the midst of changing your career?

  • Have you just begun your practice and aren't sure where to begin or what you actually want it to become?

  • Are you a helping professional whose practice has plateaued?

  • Do you feel like there's a limit to how much financial abundance you can have doing the work you love?

  • Are on the fence about staying with your current profession and taking a leap into the unknown next adventure?

  • Are you unsure how to balance your work and your life?

If any of these feel familiar, you may be just the kind of client I'm looking for.

Let's see if we're a good fit for each other.  It matters...to us both.

Check out some of the ways we can get to know each other below -

Come do an experiment with your life, your dream – what’s the best that could happen?


Here are some of the ways you can dip your toe into the water of possibility…


  • Register for one of the upcoming classes at Workshops

  • Explore which Coaching Program is best for you

  • Schedule a complimentary Strategy Session to explore possibilities for your life

  • Sign up to receive thoughtful inspirational stories through Mentoring Messages or My Blog


Someone wise once said:

"No wind is favorable to the sailor who has

no destination in mind"

What do you have in mind

Not sure?  You're not alone.  Let me help you with that.  

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