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Awaken your Dreams with a Vision Workshop

Not quite ready for a one-on-one
exploratory coaching session? 


Start by taking one of my workshops!


  • Are you ready to learn new tools to jump start your dream?

  • But, you're not quite sure what your dream is?

  • And, are you wondering if I’m the right coach to help you create the life waiting for you?


You’re in the right place to discover just that!




Which class is right for you?

Silver spiral triangle on green watercolor background serving as button for dream building classes with coach Demara Stamler, helping women over 60 dream big in their wisdom years.
Silver spiral triangle over blue watercolor background serving as button for business classes for healing arts business classes by Demara Stamler of Awakened Dreams Coaching & Consulting.
Silver spiral triangle over pink with blue watercolor background serving as button leading to Soul Wellness classes with Demara Stamler and Beth Dewey, using books as wisdom for a life well-lived.

Build and Grow Your Business

If your focus right now is creating and building your dream business or taking your business to the next level – here are the Business-Building classes.

Soul Wellness Programs

If you’re looking for a dip-your-toe-in group coaching class learning the practical application found in wisdom books – check out Soul-Wellness programs.

Building Your Dream

If you’d love to learn some tools to help you design and build the next version of your life – the Dream-Building classes are perfect for you.

Triple silver triangle frame highlighting testimonial for coaching classes with life & business coach Demara Stamler.
"Demara's classes are informative, interactive and fun. She gives you tools that you can begin to use today that will bring you closer to a life you desire for yourself or your company.  We will be hosting another Vision Workshop here this year!"



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