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Attraction, Enrollment and Retention Tools

Learn new tools for success that have been created and coached over the last 40 years by my mentor and teacher, Mary Morrissey, one of the preeminent experts on the science of success and the technology behind changing your results. What I love about this work is the practical approach based on spiritual principles and universal laws.


Tools like:

  • How to sell a student on your program without being salesy

  • The why, what and how of your Signature Story

  • Understanding limiting beliefs and paradigms and what to do with them

  • The specific steps to follow to help students say "Yes!" and sign the contract.

  • Follow up strategies to ensure they follow their dream by showing up for school.

  • The principles and ground work for getting students to graduation

Enrollment and Retention Trainings for Massage Schools


Admissions Challenges?  There are new ways to achieve the success you're looking for

  • Once your prospective student has come to visit you're school how do you help them choose you?

  • What about when they've enrolled and they don't show up for the classes?

  • How do you keep a student in school when they've had a personal crises or their grades are tanking?

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We all have limiting beliefs and paradigms that are behind the decisions we make. Adult students have their own unique fears...

Fears about whether they can hack it and graduate after all these years.

Fears about barely making it out of high school, how in the world are they going to pass A&P?

Fears that they'll be terrible at it.

Fears...fears...and more fears.

There are proven, reliable and successful principles and tools that will help students decide for their dream to be a massage therapist. Rather than letting their fears hold them back. Ways to keep students moving toward their goal of a business and a profession that feeds their soul.

"Demara's presentation was a great reminder of the importance of making a real connection with a student and I loved learning how to create my own signature story and why I need one!
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