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Classes for Learning How to Coach Your Clients

Increase your impact and your income by learning how to use time-tested, repeatable, highly successful coaching tools and principles 

Coaching Your Clients 

4 hour course

In traditional business models, the avenues available to you to help clients understand what they want, be able to make a decision for what they want, and maintain the momentum needed to sustain their success can feel deeply limiting.

What if you could learn coaching principles that would help your clients make lasting changes?

What if you could add coaching as a service to your clients that could also generate additional income?

Coaching Your Clients is an experiential course where you learn and practice the theory and principles of life coaching based on a highly effective process researched and practiced for over 40 years.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this experiential 4-hour class:


  1. The principles and tools for creating lasting changes in your own life so that you can come from your own experience as you support your clients through their process.

  2. The mechanics of evocative  coaching.

  3. Empowered thinking, expansive language, and 4 of the core principles for mastering your thinking.

  4. How to help clients assess where they are in their life and what to do with the information they give you.

  5. How to help clients identify what they truly want in their life and how to create goals and steps to achieve it.

  6. How to help clients recognize long-held limiting beliefs and how to change them.

  7. Learn the benefits and options for incorporating evocative coaching into your current practice model.

  8. Explore the additional training you'll need to effectively enroll and deliver an outstanding program that literally changes lives

Through lecture, journaling, group discussion and small group exercises, you will cultivate skills and behaviors that can be directly applied to your personal life as well as your clients' health and wellbeing.  You'll help you clients open up to new possibilities that will move them toward a more generative life of health and wellbeing.  In our heart of hearts, we all want that, we're simply unaware of how to achieve it...up until now.

​*This class counts towards the 200-hour AWD Coach Certification Program

​**Approved by the NCBTMB for 4 CEs**

Demara has extensive expertise in not only coaching techniques but massage therapy practice: As a life-long student of helping people connect more deeply with their true purpose and live a freer more fulfilling life, she is uniquely positioned to create and teach courses of this nature for healing professionals. She believes that you must live what you teach. This philosophy is the cornerstone of her programs and focus on both the personal journey of the practitioner as well as the journey of supporting clients in living a life of greater health and wellbeing.  Her experience over the last 30+ years in practice as a massage therapist, educator, school administrator, accreditation expert and highly trained successful transformation coach. Her goal is to provide training to massage therapists and other health care practitioners so they can make an even greater impact on their own healthy and the health of their clients.  It's the classic "win-win" model. 

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What a great session! Beginning with energizing dancing for a purpose - to help us retain the information by at least 76%!
Conference attendee Feb 2023
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Come join your colleagues as you explore the next level of your path to success doing work that you love.

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