About Demara

I've always had a strong call to help people, just like you.   You who are guided to help others.  


More than any thing, I'd love for you to realize how amazing you already are.  So many of us have been raised by well-meaning parents who taught us not to be self-centered.  To think of others first.  On the surface that sounds reasonable, until you begin to notice how we've integrated that idea into our lives, especially those of us who are deeply connected to serving others in this world.

More often than not, we put others first...90% of the time.  Our health deteriorates and our service to ourselves gets shoved to the side or at least gets short-shrift.

We forgot the truism that the better we care for ourselves, the better we can care for others.  The better in tune with our personal destiny the better role model we are for future generations.

I'm Demara Stamler.  I'm just like you.  I'm deeply connected to my passion to serve others and in the past have allowed myself to give others 90% of me.  I not only allowed but actively solicited others to help me decide what I can have, what I can do, and who I can be.  For some long forgotten reason I drank that kool-aid. 


Until I woke up in 2002.  I remember that year quite clearly. 

I was 13 years into my full-time practice as a massage therapist and serving as Director of Education as well as teaching at PMTI when I said "yes" to being PMTI's Executive Director. Did I have the experience I needed to do it justice?  In hindsight, Yes.  Did I believe I was ready to head up one of the most prestigious massage schools in the country?  No. 

That's the beauty of life's inspirations - they usually take you out of our comfort zone...they actually have to.  How else will you know what you're made of, what you're capable of?

So much wonderful growth during that time.  Growth I share with my clients and workshop participants.

When I left PMTI in 2008, I was ready for my next curriculum of growth.  I'd become better friends with my intuition when it comes to decisions in my life and went to work for a national accrediting agency as the Director of Accreditation.  To say I grew even more into my own during those 8 years, would be an understatement.  I knew I loved regulations (when they made sense) and I also knew it was important for me to be part of changing those regulations when needed.  I've always been passionate about ensuring that schools provide the high level of education students are paying their hard-earned money for.  I loved that job!

Fast forward to early 2016. Call is synchronicity, fate, happen-stance.  I call it divine intervention.  I was sitting on my bed on a Saturday afternoon scrolling through Facebook - not something I would normally be doing, but that day, I was. 


It was there that I found my coach and mentor, Mary Morrissey, and studied intensively to become a Vision Coach.  I'm pretty sure there was a light bulb over my head and definitely a serious longing in my heart.  

Why do I love helping people and business create a vision and then bring it to life? 


These concepts and principles are powerful, comprehensive, proven, logical, science-based and historically-validated.  And, they work.  

And, I've seen countless people light up and change their lives through this process.  I feel humbled and blessed to call this my life's work.


(A part of me wishes I'd known 30 years ago what I know now about DreamBuilding, Brave Thinking, and the laws that operate on a different level than the everyday "common hours".  The Universal Laws like the Law of Vibration, the Law of Specificity, the Law of Circulation.  And so many more.  I teach these laws in my classes and I coach my clients to notice them and align with them.  Life goes so much more smoothly when we're in alignment with the laws that surround us - and we enjoy it even more!) 

Here's a sneak peak into one of the principles I teach:

What would you love?

As you think about the key areas of your life, if everything were going beautifully with your health, your relationships (all of them), your career, and your freedom with time and money...What would you love?

The closest we come to this kind of question is "what do I want?".   There's no energy to those words.  Much more energy to "what would I love?"  What difference does it make what kind of energy you feel with words?  Come take a class with me and discover this and more!

I've done an experiment with my life - a real leap of faith - by exploring my vision and following my intuition.  Best decision ever.

Why not do an experiment with your life? Is there a better time than now?


Here are some words of wisdom to use and share.    

"If nothing changes, nothing changes."   Rich Boggs

"If you want something you've never had, you have to do something you've never done."   Unknown

"The two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why."   Mark Twain

Let's see if we're a good fit to take your next steps.

Call me (703-855-3211), email me.  What's the best that could happen?


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