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9 Life-Giving Questions

Some time ago a very wise person, (Robert Holden from the Happiness Project), recently shared these nine questions that you just might want to ask yourself as you work towards living a fulfilled life. These questions also happen to correspond to the nine points of the Enneagram. (It's okay if you are not familiar with Enneagram, that's what Google is for)

I encourage you to choose one question at a time, take it to your heart as you ponder how you’d respond. Go inside yourself as you listen for guidance.  Take all the time you need, speed isn't the goal.  

These are important, high-quality, life-affirming questions that don’t need to be heavy…they could actually be “en'light'ening”!  1. How would I like to leave this world a better place? 2. How would I like to serve? 3. What would I like the greatest accomplishment of my life to be? 4. How am I expressing my creativity? 5. What would I like the world to know? 6. What do I believe in? 7. When do I feel like I am following my joy? 8. When do I feel most alive? 9. How would I like to love the world?

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