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Life coaching and classes
for non-traditional healers and women beyond midlife 

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer.  Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.”

~ Harriet Tubman

Before you scroll down, grab a pen and paper and ask yourself this question:


“If there wasn’t anything holding me back, no barriers of any kind (time, money, age, education, experience, the past, etc.), what would I love to do, be, give, have, and create?”


Now give yourself a moment of quiet to see what comes to your mind…then write it down.

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“Life is no respecter of age.”  If you’re breathing, life is always calling you to something more.

It's always the right time to create your next chapter...

Have you noticed that people are living longer?   I mean significantly longer.  According to recent studies, we are living 30 years longer now than we did 100 years ago.  More and more people are living to be 100 years old!


We haven’t planned for that.  The typical retirement age is 62 for some, 70 for others. 

What would you do with another 20 – 40 years?
What would "aging gracefully" look like for you?
How can you reimagine what retirement means to you?
Would you love to live a fuller, healthier, more fulfilling life?

After you wrote something down, did you immediately begin to wonder "how in the world is this going to happen"?


Or did you draw a blank and now you’re feeling a bit frustrated because you couldn't think of anything?


Either way, you're not alone.


Did you know that 97% of the world doesn't even ask themselves the question?  But you just did.

Here's my promise to you...I promise there's a part of you that knows what you'd love.  That same part of you also knows how to bring it about.

There's an Art and a Science to discovering what's calling you and then bringing it to life.


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Perhaps you followed your dream to help heal people in a field that called your name.  

What does the next version of your work look like?
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Do you wish you could impact more people?

Are your clients relying on you to "fix" them?

Do you wish you could follow them home and show them how to maintain the changes you helped them create?

Come explore possibilities for growing your business and empowering your clients, awakening and stepping into your dreams:​

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