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There’s wisdom in Baseball?

I don’t claim to know a lot about baseball, although I do enjoy going to a game occasionally.  But I learned something pretty awesome from baseball recently -

Imagine it’s the bottom of the 9th inning, the batter is at the plate, he has 3 balls and 2 strikes.  This next pitch determines the winner. The pitcher throws the ball.  The batter swings and misses.  Half the crowd yells, “It’s a ball!” The other half of the crowd yells, “It’s a strike!”  The umpire stands up and says, “It ain’t nothin’ ‘til I call it!”

Just like in baseball, each moment, each day, we get to make that same call.  We have that same power and authority when it comes to how we start our day, how we navigate the day and how our day ends.  We get to decide whether it's a good day, a bad day, or neither of the above.

That moment, that day, is just that - a day. 

Regardless whether it's the weather based on what’s happening in the earth’s atmosphere, a day of interactions with people navigating their lives just like us, or a day of circumstances and events going on around us.

Each moment we make the call, a judgment call. Will we judge the day as a beautiful day? A gathering of people as fun? This moment you're living as worthwhile.  We decide it's good, bad, boring, fun, exciting, generative, depleting…

We decide.

What kind of moment, day, life would you like it to be?  What kind of day will you decide to have?

It ain’t nothin’ ‘til you call it.

I'm thinking baseball has some things to teach me...

Believing in you and your dreams

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