What clients and workshop attendees have shared about their experience

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Coaching Clients

"Demara knows and practices both the letter and spirit of the DreamBuilding Program.  She is a skilled professional and empathetic listener.  She brings an intuitive interpretation to each situation that I have brought to our sessions, as well as how to apply the principles to the current events of my life.  She holds my vision in our sessions, and brings strength to my process by recognizing all the ways in which my vision is manifesting.  My life has changed remarkably as a result of working with her, and I am so grateful to her.

Martie H, Coaching Client

"One of the things I noticed right off at the end of the 12-week program is my level of hope and I’m more open to solutions that I’m not even able to imagine what they are yet!  Something that’s also changed is how relaxed I feel and how balanced I am."

M.H. Coaching Client

"Demara has really helped me get past some of my negative ways of thinking about the future.  As a guy, it took some doing for me to let go of some of it.  Now, I can’t believe how far I’ve come!"

J.S. Coaching Client

“I loved the visualization pieces that encouraged detailing your dreams for the future. These details give my plans and the enthusiasm I feel for them a breadth and dimension that makes things seem more attainable, more real. And I love the quote you shared 'The quality of our life is determined by the quality of the questions we ask.'”

Tammy G., Workshop Attendee and Coaching Client

"My husband and I just finished our first 12-week DreamBuilder program and we loved it.  I wasn't expecting it to help us be even closer but we ended up sitting down each week after the coaching session and sharing some pretty deep stuff.  And, we actually took the leap and we were working together creating my business.  We could not be happier!!"

S and R,  Singer/Songwriter, Coaching Clients

"I’m so grateful for your support and wisdom as I make my dream come true.  I’ve completed the ½ marathon from my vision and am better and better about listening to my intuition.  Thank you so much!"

C.W. Coaching Client

"This program has helped me become more of myself, the open-hearted me."

S.J. , Coaching Client

"This is my 3rd DreamBuilder program with Demara and I can’t believe where I am and who I am now.  I hardly recognize the me from a year ago."

D.M.  Coaching Client

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Workshop Attendees

"I really love the brave thinking tools, the theory and the steps to think about before I made my vision board!"

J.Y. , Workshop Attendee

"It was very enjoyable, interesting, motivating, and informative from the start to the end.  I wouldn’t change a thing – it was great!  Keep doing what you are doing to change lives!"

M.S. Workshop Attendee

"Demara's classes are informative, interactive and fun. She gives you tools that you can begin to use today that will bring you closer to a life you desire for yourself or your company.  We will be hosting another Vision Workshop here this year!"

Winona B. Workshop Host and Attendee

"The partnering activity was my favorite part. It was great to verbalize my what I want my life to be and have it repeat it back to me. I also loved the inspirational video! I would have gladly stayed all-day in this workshop - it was so helpful!"

Nicole H. Workshop Attendee

"Excellent!  Loved it.  I have a couple of friends that are going to love this.  Can’t wait for Part 2!"

J.L. Workshop Attendee

"I loved the workshop – I discovered that my real passion right now is focusing on myself as an artist.  That really surprised me!  It really helped me look at my life one year from now and three years from now."

R.G. Workshop Attendee

"The information was absolutely valuable.  My favorite part was answering the question about what I want for my life in 3 years. And it was so helpful to hear other people talk about their limiting beliefs.  It helped me realize I’m not alone and I need to believe in myself."

M.B. Workshop Attendee

"I really liked the meditation, pair work where we shared, and the masterminding thing.  Would have loved more time to work together.  Weekend retreat, maybe?

Brenda, Workshop Attendee