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Passion! Shmassion…Have you lost yours?

These days people are all over the map about whether passion is really that important.  Some say it’s over-rated.  Some say it’s what really matters in life.  I say, it’s Number 2 on the list of the important keys to unlocking our purpose.  (Number 1 is knowing what your Core Values are)

“Passion is the internal fire that raises your vibration. Passion gives you that internal fire to succeed." ~ Mary Morrissey

Your passion ignites the fire in you.  That fire, that energy that lights you up, automatically raises your vibration, your energetic frequency. (have you ever felt that?) And when your vibration is raised, you are on fire – the kind of fire that doesn’t burn and takes no wood.  The kind of fire that ripples out and affects others.

Perhaps you have had your passion, your fire, dampened over the years.

It's time to get it back.  The world needs your passion!  The world needs you to get fired up and make a difference in a way that only you can!  You need that fire of passion to be able to come from your life purpose right now.  Your passion acts as a motivating force that fuels action.

Are you ready to find that fire again?  Get off your bum and let’s rock this thing! Today is your brand-new baby day, unique and unrepeatable.  A gift.  A gift because you woke up today.  So many people didn't.  So, what will you do with this brand-new baby day?  It’s up to you.

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