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Just a small change in direction can have a massive impact!

Even a one-degree shift in our thinking can create massive change in your life. Don't believe me?

When we have conditions and circumstances in our life that no longer serve us, we have a wonderful opportunity to shift our thinking even just a tiny bit.  One-degree shift and we have succeeded in seeding change in our lives.  

Aircraft in the sky and ships on the water change course sometimes just by one degree and find themselves at a different destination then the one they were originally headed for.

We can do the same thing.  Make one small change in our daily pattern and that change, six months down the road, takes us to a whole new place.

If we'll allow ourselves to devote time in our daily lives to make a shift in our thinking that is directed toward what we would love in our life, even the smallest shift will make a big difference over time. 

What if you started writing down 5 things you’re grateful for each day? Can you imagine how that might change your attitude, intention, demeanor and ultimately your life?

Little changes yield big results!

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