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Did You Know Gratitude has a Vibration?

Research shows that when people feel grateful and actually put it into words, they have a greater life experience.  It’s been measured in blood pressure, heart rate, and cellular response.

The body is an amazing biofeedback machine.

When we live in a state of gratitude, -- especially when it’s spoken -- our bodies actually hear it.  And quite literally we can thrive on this vibration of gratitude.

I’ll bet each one of you, when you read the title, said to yourself something like “I know all about gratitude, this is old news…”  But, how many of you actually know gratitude? 

There’s a big difference between “knowing about” and “knowing” something.  One can’t really “know” something unless they have truly incorporated it somehow into their life.  If you haven’t incorporated the practice of gratitude into your life, you can only say, at this point, that you “know about” it.

Given the science, why not spend the time really “knowing” gratitude?  I promise it will change your life in ways that right now you can only speculate.

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