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A Young Boy's Vision Quest

Not so many years ago a young boy had arrived at the age where it was his time to go on a vision quest as he stepped into manhood.  The boy was very afraid of what would happen and whether he would be able to meet the expectations of his tribe and so he went to the tribe’s Chief for help.

He asked the Chief for guidance and explained that he was afraid and felt like there were two dogs fighting inside of him.  One that told him that he will succeed on this vision quest and other that says he won’t.

The boy asked the Chief, “which one of the dogs is going to win?”  The Chief told him, “the one that will win is the one that says you will succeed.”

The boy said, “how do you know that?”

The Chief told him “because this is the one that you will feed”.

Most of us have many times in our life when we have 2 dogs fighting inside us.  The one that tries to convince us that we can absolutely achieve whatever dream or desire we have set before us.  And, the one that tries to convince us that there is no way we can have that dream or achieve that desire. 

We have the power to decide which dog wins.  We get to decide which one to feed…to give our attention…

Which Dog Will You Feed?

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